UC officials need to adhere to labor contract

If you sign a contract, you have to follow the contract. Seems simple, right? Yet the University of California seems to have a problem understanding the need to adhere to the contract it signed with UC postdoctoral scholars.
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Pac-12 Networks strike hurts jobs

We are now in year two of the Pac-12 Networks, a bold venture that gives our 12 universities their own media company. Our focus is to provide unprecedented exposure for all student-athletes and, just as importantly, learning and paid internship opportunities for thousands of Pac-12 students. Unfortunately, those opportunities are
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Improving quality and accessibility of education

UC student-workers union continues the fight for public education

In recent years, much has changed in the learning and living conditions of students and workers at the University of California. Since 2008, undergraduate students’ annual tuition rates have risen more than $4,000, housing and health costs have spiked, campus workers have faced layoffs and cuts to their pension plans
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Bayer reaches proposed contract with workers’ union

After months of negotiations, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals has reached a proposed contract this week with International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 6, for its hundreds of workers at Bayer’s plant in South Berkeley. The proposed contract, which was announced this week by the union and affects approximately 420 workers at
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