Arranged marriages or matchmaking sites: Bay Area resident Ritika Singh describes her experience in an arranged marriage

Caragh McErlean/Senior Staff

Arranged marriages seem like a risky gamble for a lifetime of happiness or eternal hell with all your bets on a random faceless person. In reality, as Bay Area resident Ritika Singh discusses, arranged marriages are carried out much like match-making sites — but your parents are the algorithm.
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Guide to the solar eclipse

Grab a bag of French Onion Sun Chips and a six-pack of Blue Moons to wash them down this weekend, because for a few minutes today, the sun will finally take a break from searing our eyes.
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Congresswoman Barbara Lee comes to Oakland

Barbara Lee came to Oakland to talk about how President Trump’s policies affect African Americans and how citizens can help the movement against Trump. Cinematography by: Joshua Jordan and Ashley-Grace Vo Editing by: Ashley-Grace Vo


A glass case of emotion

Last week, I walked into my final 8 a.m. class, which I had consistently been complaining about for the whole semester, and I teared up because “A Sky Full of Stars” played through the speakers. Ugly-weeping to a Coldplay song is not something I do regularly, but mixed with “last
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