It’s been a privilege

Millenial Meltdown

Privilege, in my house, was getting dessert after dinner or borrowing the Lexus. But privilege is now a buzzword, and it appears to be everywhere.
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Meg Elison newest mug_MDrummond

Our ambivalence: Voting both ways

Elections 2014

I dress up, usually in some subtle combination of campaign-trail colors. I pick a blue-and-white dress and wear red jewelry. I pick a red dress with a blue belt. I am a dork all the way; I update Facebook to gloat about voting, and I Instagram my sticker on the way out.
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Defend Affirmative Action Party candidate for ASUC president David Ramirez Douglass seeks to promote rights for immigrants.

DAAP presidential candidate David Douglass advocates for integration, minority rights

Beyond Rhetoric

During his presidential campaign, David Douglass of the Defend Affirmative Action Party has emphasized a legacy of action and protest, saying that he hopes to revive the “youth-led progressive movement.” If elected, Douglass, aims to lead students against fee hikes, advocate for immigrant rights and double the underrepresented minority enrollment on campus.
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‘Untied’ we stand …

Along with the challenging task of completing the required readings for 19 units of classes comes the utter joy of finding errors in works that (I assume) have been edited many times over by countless sets of eyes. I came across this erroneous — yet hilarious — misspelling of our
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Election 2012 Endorsements: National candidates

Barack Obama President of the United States of America Four years after Barack Obama assumed the presidency, the United States still faces a plethora of intimidating challenges. Millions of Americans remain out of work. College students are suffocating under more than $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. Undocumented immigrants
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