Coming to America to study abroad

My friends and I went to Yosemite National Park over the weekend. We chose one of the most strenuous trails: the Upper Yosemite Falls trail. When we passed the Columbia Rock landmark, it suddenly rained. We debated whether to continue, especially because it was kind of late — about 5 p.m. Eventually, we decided to continue, because we had already spent three hours hiking and it would be a pity if we gave up now.
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philippine flag

UC Berkeley students talk Philippine Independence Day

One of the biggest holidays of the summer, and possibly America’s most iconic holiday overall, is Independence Day. But July 4 isn’t the only day of independence celebrated during the summer. Friday is Philippine Independence Day, or Araw ng Kasarinlan. Araw ng Kasarinlan commemorates the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain, after 300
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