UC Regents hear from task force on improving sexual assault policies

UCLA senior Savannah Badalich and UC Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer Sheryl Vacca answer questions from regents
Michael Drummond/Senior Staff
UCLA senior Savannah Badalich and UC Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer Sheryl Vacca answer questions from regents

A UC task force on fighting and preventing sexual violence presented seven recommendations to the UC Board of Regents on Wednesday that would streamline efforts to educate and respond to sexual assault across UC campuses.
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Help schools help students

HIGHER EDUCATION: Instead of allocating millions to Awards for Innovation in Higher Education, state should help schools with existing programs.

Our campuses do not need any more incentives to help students graduate. What our campuses do need from the state is additional funding in order to meet the needs our university already has.
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Laboring against a stigma

CAMPUS ISSUES: Faculty and student population must take it upon themselves to fight discrimination against pregnant students on campus.

Not everyone on our campus took the same path to get here; we need to be accommodating of different student lifestyles, from student-parents and pregnant students to veterans and athletes.
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Invest in the environment

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: In addition to moving is funds to sustainable investments, the university should gradually divest from fossil fuel companies.

On Wednesday, the UC Board of Regents refrained from taking the stance that many universities and other investors have: divesting from fossil fuel companies.
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Student research comes first

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: By investing in outside facilities instead of funding Lick, the UC is depriving students from research opportunities.

Last September, the University of California decided to cease providing funds to Lick Observatory, the university’s only fully-owned observatory, by 2018.
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Paul Lynam and Patrick Maloney operate the Great Lick Refractor, completed in 1888, for a student tour in May. Photo: Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/Staff

Facing a waning future

Researchers reel from defunding of only UC-owned observatory

Researchers are reeling from the abrupt decision last year to terminate all funding for the university’s only fully owned observatory — the only one where graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from across the UC system can design and execute their own research projects.
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Seeking UC student input on sexual assault prevention and response

Sexual violence on college campuses is a silent, stigmatized epidemic, and no campus is exempt. Even universities absent from the U.S. Department of Education’s list of colleges currently under investigation for violating federal laws meant to protect survivors of sexual assault — Title IX and the Clery Act — are
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