Yudof, student regents address police response to protests

Two days after controversy erupted over police action at UC Davis, UC President Mark Yudof issued a statement saying he will implement “a system wide response” to address police responses to peaceful protests on UC  campuses. As part of this response, Yudof will convene all 10 campus chancellors for “full
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Forum discusses logistics of online education

At a forum hosted by the College of Letters and Science Wednesday on the “Virtual University,” panelists discussed the logistics behind creating more online classes and how online classes could generate needed revenue for the University of California. Christopher Edley, Jr., dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law and
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Survey shows unwillingness to pay higher taxes for higher education

Though the majority of California residents show significant concern for the state’s higher education system and feel it is heading in the wrong direction, most are not willing to pay more taxes in order to increase its funding, according to a survey published Wednesday. The annual survey, conducted by the
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Report: State now over $3 billion behind on revenue collection

Trigger cuts could be imminent

A revenue forecast released Wednesday by the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office suggests that imminent cuts to higher education in 2012 are likely, estimating a projected $12.8 billion state budget shortfall in the next fiscal year. The forecast projected that the state would end the current year with a $3.7
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UC reaches tentative agreement with employee union

The University of California announced Tuesday that it has reached a tentative five-year deal with the Coalition of University Employees — an independent, member-run labor union representing clerical employees — on wages, benefits and working conditions. The tentative agreement would affect more than 12,500 clerical employees — most commonly administrative
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UC President Mark Yudof announced a proposed request for $2.8 billion from the state at a press briefing in Downtown Oakland.

UC to request $2.8 billion in state funding for 2012-13

In an era of dwindling state support for the University of California, UC President Mark Yudof announced a proposal to request $2.8 billion from the state to fund the university for the 2012-13 fiscal year at a news media briefing at the UC Office of the President in Downtown Oakland
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