PWR BTTM’s essential safe spaces

There’s a fundamental misunderstanding in the concept of “safe spaces” and political correctness, whether it comes in a letter from the dean of students at the University of Chicago, in tweets and interviews from comedians like Larry the Cable Guy to Lisa Lampanelli or from the alt-right en masse. Given
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Study finds social pressure drives voter turnout

When people decide whether or not to vote, they probably aren’t expecting to cast the tie-breaking ballot. Instead, a growing body of research suggests voters go to the polls as a result of pressure from others — voting to avoid the social stigma of having shirked their civic duty.
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Scholars discuss value of liberal arts at inaugural symposium

Just hours before the Friday inaugural ceremony of a chancellor who has championed the value of the liberal arts degree, a number of visiting scholars and campus professors came together in a panel discussion about the importance and challenges of creating a well-rounded undergraduate education.
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