San Francisco Symphony breathes new life into childhood classics

I have never cried during a movie, but every time I get close, it’s because of a Pixar film. By combining heartwarming characters and moving theatrical scores, Pixar manages to convey valuable life lessons in an entertaining package for both children and adults. While school teaches children about the way
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Pixar president speaks at BAM about illuminating the imagination

Just three miles from the UC Berkeley campus, employees at Pixar Animation Studios recite the dictum, “Story is king.” While one might see its films as an array of dazzling, colorful scenes grounded by meticulous attention to characterization and story detail, there’s a human force behind Pixar that often goes
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Why we love Fentons Creamery

When it comes to great ice cream destinations like Ici and CREAM, Fentons Creamery is definitely a treasured Bay Area ice cream parlor. Fentons Creamery is the perfect place for gatherings, dates, kids and especially those who are kids at heart. And Pixar also agrees! Fentons was featured in Pixar’s
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