Creating social change through mathematics

In recent years, the demand for good teachers has outpaced the supply of new teachers. Nevertheless, I have decided to double major in mathematics and Spanish while also completing a minor in math and science education.
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The same brand of human: Relearning schizophrenia

Older literature has constantly emphasized this difference between people with schizophrenia and “normal” people, but we’re turning away from those assumptions and trying to convince the world that people with schizophrenia are just as human as the rest of us.
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5 tips for getting back into the rhythm of school

It’s a new semester and a fresh start. Here are pieces of entirely unsolicited advice. Here are five things that you can do to ease your way into school and 2016. Transition from the babysitting bubble and the comfort of free laundry by: 1. Starting slowly Transitioning back to UC
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Navigating through bureaucracy at UC Berkeley

A guide of campus services and resources vital to your Berkeley experience

As one former vice chancellor puts it, when people from other countries ask about how UC Berkeley is, they have two specific questions in mind: Is Top Dog still there, and is Cal as bureaucratic as ever? The answer to both these questions is, as always, yes. Top Dog locations
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5 Things They Didn’t Tell you at CalSo

So you learned the Time Warp dance and your classic Cal chants at CalSO, most of which you’ve forgotten at this point-solid. But there’s one thing you’re missing: The Daily Clog. Part cultural commentary, part alternative guide to the UC Berkeley community, this blog provides useful tidbits with a healthy
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