Quiz: Is your GSI cooler than you?

It may not happen that often, but at some point in our college careers, we may realize that some of our GSIs are way cooler than we are — and possibly cooler than we’ll ever be. It’s slightly saddening to consider that our lameness may be reaffirmed in such a way, but it
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Michaela Swensen/File

An open letter to Evans Hall

Dear Evans Hall, We at the Clog are sorry that you’re a such a massive blemish on the face of UC Berkeley. It must be tough to be the armpit of the number one public university in the world. On the off chance that you’ve forgotten how much you suck,
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The Clog presents: summer 2014 bucket list

It’s one of the last summers we have before we go off into the real world — where summer breaks whittle down into two weeks’ worth of sick days. We at the Clog want you to make the most of these three months by having tons of fun, so here
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