Trump’s inaugural fiasco

Even before reports of low attendance at President Donald Trump’s inauguration, his administration encountered an issue that was unprecedented in modern history: no one wanted to perform.
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DJ Khaled

15 major keys in DJ Khaled’s latest album

We’ve seen his jet ski adventures, heard his motivational life lessons as he runs on the treadmill and have been touched with his unwavering confidence in himself and his fans. DJ Khaled never fails to make us feel important through spreading infectious positivity (both in his music and via Snapchat),
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Usher lyrics for this week

Everyone knows that the best sort of music to play at parties is the classics. We’re talking about songs such as “Ignition” and “Gold Digger.” So this week, as you’re procrastinating by listening to songs such as these and wondering how you could avoid responsibilities in the most effective manner, you might
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An artist by any other name

State of the art

Being an artist used to be something that was painfully earned. You were a painter only if you devoted your life to swirling oil and turpentine on canvas for a living. You were a musician only if you spent your nights stringing together paychecks from performing at small cafes every
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