Female robbed near southwest corner of VLSB

Around 7:43 p.m., the victim, who is affiliated with the campus, was walking along the Grinnell Path from Oxford Street while texting on her iPhone. She put the phone in her pant pocket, and, as she neared the south side of VLSB, she felt someone run into her.
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Tank top or parka? One day of Berkeley’s weather in GIFs

It’s not uncommon for the weather in Berkeley to cycle through all four seasons in a single day. What starts out as a chilly morning may turn into a blistering afternoon and then abruptly dip into subpolar temperatures come evening. If you can’t identify with crazy, ever-changing weather, you must
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Berkeley acronyms

Below are commonly used acronyms at UC Berkeley. GBC — Golden Bear Cafe VLSB — Valley Life Sciences Building FSM — Free Speech Movement (Cafe) CKC — Clark Kerr Campus EECS (pronounced EEKS!) — Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences SLC — Student Learning Center GSI — Graduate Student Instructor CARS
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A nameless notion

Murmurs from the Bathroom Wall

There is a very particular type of disappointment that comes each time I realize a piece of bathroom wall graffiti is unoriginal and uncredited. The words hang in the air, without lovely little beginning or ending quotation marks, without a final, resounding authorial citation. If the quote in question is
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Feelings of awe make you more generous, less Randian

A lot of wish-washy, sentimental stuff has been said about the positive benefits of nature – stuff that we appreciate but often find a bit unsubstantial – but a new study gives some scientific support for that idea. The preliminary results of a new study showed that feelings of awe
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Student allegedly robbed at gunpoint while on campus

A male student was allegedly robbed at gunpoint on the south side of the Valley Life Sciences Building on campus Wednesday night. At about 10:43 p.m., the 26-year-old student was walking westbound on the Grinnell Pathway near the Life Sciences Addition building wearing earphones when he allegedly felt someone grab
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