Taylor Follett/Senior Staff

Teriyaki rice bowl

Look, it’s just hard to cook something that has carbs, protein and veggies but still tastes good, fits with a college budget and isn’t super time consuming. Lucky for you, we have an easy and delicious recipe that just about fits the bill.
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quinoa and peas dinner

Garlicky quinoa and vegetable recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy and easy meal to make, with plenty of leftovers to last you through the week, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect recipe. Using only two pots and a lot of veggies, this meal is the perfect go-to dinner or lunch.
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Zucchini boat enchiladas

Just about everyone loves enchiladas. Now there’s a way to enjoy them with a healthy serving of veggies and fewer carbs. Zucchini boat enchiladas taste like the real deal and are also fun to make. And just because this recipe is supposed to be healthy, doesn’t mean we’ve left out the cheesy
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5 fruits and veggies to cook this summer

During the school year we can often get caught up in a cycle of studying for midterms and bingeing on junk food. Summer provides us the extra time we need to abandon instant ramen in favor of cooking bright and healthy meals. We at the Clog have come up with fun ways to incorporate the fruits and vegetables currently in season into your diet.
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Winter soup recipe

The hardest part of coming back to school is often the transition into having to cook again. With the winter chill creeping into our underheated apartments, we find ourselves craving warm, cozy food and a way to utilize all the produce we thought we needed. Look no further than this
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