Between football and classes, Cal receiver Marvin Jones spends his time with his girlfriend, Jazmyn, and two sons. He says marriage is on the horizon, but he's keeping the specifics under wraps: "It might be soon."

Go father, go further

Only 21 years old, Marvin Jones has become a great dad.

Interstate 5 is one of the arteries of West Coast traffic, a mighty vein chugging through Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle. It is where trucks run from the Mexican to Canadian border, where commuting minivans shoot through twisting highway junctions. But when it hugs the edge of California’s Central Valley, the
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Football Feature of Will Kapp

Wild thing

Will Kapp rattles bones on the field, feasting for contact on special teams and at fullback. In the classroom, he prefers not to pick fights.

With the ball in the air, Will Kapp came charging down the field at full-speed. The special teams demon found his man clad in powder blue. The two collided full force, head-to-head. Kapp doesn’t say anything as he runs back to the sideline. He didn’t have to. “He had blood
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Sean Goebel/Staff

Video Series: Nov. 9 Day of Action ‘Occupy Cal’

These videos follow the Nov. 9 Day of Action starting with a series of teach-ins starting at 8 a.m., a rally at noon and a march to Bank of America. Protesters set up a series of tents in front of Sproul Hall and later in the afternoon, riot police marched
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EPA Administrator spoke at UC Berkeley School of Law about current EPA policies on Thursday morning.

EPA head discusses environmental law at UC Berkeley School of Law

Lisa Jackson, the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, discussed current challenges to environmental laws and other topics Thursday at the UC Berkeley School of Law. Speaking before an audience of about 180 students, faculty and other attendees, Jackson cited the agency’s progress on issues such as instituting national
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Interview with UC Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr. transcript

On Wednesday, higher education reporter Jessica Rossoni sat down with UC Student Regent Alfredo Mireles, Jr., to talk about the state budget, advocating for the university at the state level and the role of the student regent. JR: So I’d like to start of with just a few questions on
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A mass of Occupy Oakland protesters marched around the streets of downtown Oakland.

UC Berkeley students march with Occupy Oakland demonstrators

When one UC Berkeley graduate student in the anthropology department heard from fellow students marching with Occupy Oakland that police were using tear gas against protesters Tuesday night, he headed down into the fray. Marching down Broadway, the protesters faced off with police as they reached 14th Street, the entrance
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UC Berkeley forum discusses affirmative action

In light of the Berkeley College Republicans’ bake sale controversy, Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent veto of SB 185 and the subsequent emergence of widespread discussion on the UC Berkeley campus, a panel of five speakers discussed the legal implications of affirmative action in education Wednesday night.The event, which was organized
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