2016 album of the year fantasy draft

There is no denying that 2016 was the year that the album bounced back. Whether you spent days waiting for the prolonged release of Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, or months scouting out Frank Ocean’s whereabouts, the return of the album turned the release of music into an experiential event
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Photo Essay: Fire Trails

The fire trails behind Clark Kerr campus serve as a perfect place to kickstart your morning or even take an afternoon study break. Not only does the hike provide stellar views of the Bay Area, but it also, surprisingly, has a ton of wildlife along the way, including bunnies, deer
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Speaking truth to outrage

I had seen my grandfather do it years ago. My father did the same even more recently. I didn’t think I would ever engage in what always seemed to me a hands-off subject, but there I was, in a vehement argument about politics. It started as an uneventful high school
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