Day and Night Berlin

This summer I studied abroad for six weeks at Technische Universität in Berlin. I was inspired by the city’s endless attractions and explored them throughout the days that blended into long nights. My project captured the notable sites at opposite times of the day and then stitched the opposing images together to highlight the strong juxtaposition of day and night.
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van gogh

‘The Curse of Van Gogh’ curses itself

There’s something grittily old-school and satisfying about consuming a classic heist thriller, both in print or on screen. The typical conventions of the genre — the character development, preparation for the actual heist, various other minor plotlines — all build up to this one enormous event that leaves you flipping
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Cultivating American art

Smoke pranced in curlicues off the end of a cigarette as a Norwegian girl gestured with the hand holding it. “You don’t smoke at all?” she asked with a squint of her eyes, her accent quietly revealing itself. I said I didn’t. She looked up beyond the wooden awning we
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