Student art spotlighted in Honor’s Studio Exhibition

The title of so-so, the department of art practice’s Spring 2015 Honor’s Studio Exhibition, suggests an indeterminate and in-between state — a state defined as ongoing discovery and growth, more so than as a concrete finish line. The exhibit, which features work by a dozen student artists, runs through May
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Annie Kevans exhibit empowers, rediscovers

The canon of historical art is filled to the brim with women. For centuries, a multitude of female faces have been meticulously crafted from brush strokes both big and small, with their bodies ranging from lithely slender to roundly Rubenesque and their frames from demurely clothed to brazenly nude. Indeed,
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Carters copy_JenkinsJohnson_Courtesy

The Carter duo breathes new life into classic paintings

Before photographs and video, painting was the only way to capture life in an image. The best paintings were those that most closely resembled the real world around them, those that could capture life in a still canvas. Artists aimed to imbue their subjects with a realistic sense of breath.
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