Balancing beats and bookwork

Stephen Burke, also known as a DJ under his pseudonym Sirensceol, is a 4th-year American Studies major at UC Berkeley and a full-time producer. His story begins the second semester of his freshman year, while listening to the music his friends would frequently recommend. Burke realized that it would be
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Neveready to make music from new outlooks

Christian Clark is the quintessential musician — sanguine, but not laconic, when he describes the formation of his band, Neveready. One of six members, he both sings and plays guitar. Clark’s distinctly Southern Californian drawl and punctuated sentences (“jeez man,” “like,” “you know”) accent the “je ne sais quoi” that
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UC Berkeley student pops up on Jingle Ball radar

This December, New Yorkers will be flocking to Madison Square Garden for one of Manhattan’s biggest pop festivals of the year, the Z100 Jingle Ball. Alongside teen pop sensations such as Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Macklemore, one lucky fan-selected contestant of the Hometown Hero Contest will have the chance
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Anya Kvitka sells her soul music but never sells out

There’s a reason San Jose’s Anya Kvitka has received numerous awards recently, including Best Breakout Musical Act from CBS. Combining hip-hop, jazz, R&B, rock and even a hint of reggae, Kvitka is a multidisciplinary artist with a powerful yet soothing voice that commands attention. While Kvitka has only one EP
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