Memorable moments from the Democratic, Republican National Conventions

This year the whole country watched the Republican National Convention, or RNC, and the Democratic National Convention, or DNC, with a mixture of awe, confusion, sadness and anticipation. While our last shred of hope that the RNC would somehow be able to overstep the public and elect literally any nominee other than Donald Trump was shamelessly and hopelessly dashed, we were at least able to cheer ourselves up with endless videos and images of Bill Clinton frolicking among the beautiful balloons celebrating Hillary Clinton’s nomination.
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The 2016 ASUC campaign season dies, will be missed

The 2016 ASUC campaign season came to an end Wednesday, April 6, at 11:59 p.m. The public portion of the season lasted about a month. It’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly the campaign season began to affect Berkeley students’ everyday lives. It began quietly, with Facebook friends changing their profile
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Berkeley and the mysterious case of the empty ballot box

CAMPUS ISSUES: Students' failure to participate in the political process to effect change prompts an ASUC bill proposal not strong enough to address the serious problem.

In the most recent move to combat years of student political inactivity, the ASUC Senate has introduced a bill that would work to make coursework on general election days more flexible in what is essentially a last-ditch effort to encourage students to vote. When students are failing to engage in
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Help! I’m an uninformed voter!

We at the Clog have decided tap into the mind of an unknowing student at UC Berkeley. Help me, I’m an uninformed voter! Seriously, I had no idea it was election season. I had midterms, then it was spring break, and now that I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, everything
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Our ambivalence: Voting both ways

Elections 2014

I dress up, usually in some subtle combination of campaign-trail colors. I pick a blue-and-white dress and wear red jewelry. I pick a red dress with a blue belt. I am a dork all the way; I update Facebook to gloat about voting, and I Instagram my sticker on the way out.
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Get educated on the measures and go vote

Students can make difference by casting vote in election this fall

It’s been easy to overlook the youth vote — until recently, we’ve been seen as an immobilized voting bloc, to be recruited as volunteers rather than to be courted as a constituency. However, we challenged that notion in 2008 when we more than tripled our turnout as one of the
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