Berkeley community must take action to reach zero waste goals

Every year, piles of trash are left on Berkeley streets when students move in or move out, polluting neighborhoods and stormwater. It also is a massive waste of money and resources. During this time, students collectively trash millions of dollars of still-usable consumer goods. This is lost wealth that could
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5 ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers

While Thanksgiving may be a wonderful, delicious holiday full of food, friends and family, the aftermath isn’t always so pretty. Oftentimes, we end up with way more leftovers than we know what to do with, and these leftovers often end up forgotten, moldy and eventually in the trash. Now, just
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Quiz: How should you waste your time over spring break?

You could spend some quality time with your family, finish those internship applications you’ve procrastinated on for months or get a head start on that paper or midterm due after break. But why would you do that when you could waste your time instead? We at the Clog have come up with
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Waste not, want not: the story behind food waste on campus

If you’re in your first or second year at UC Berkeley, you may be completely used to having compost bins in most campus buildings and dining halls. You may have never even questioned their existence, thinking that of course UC Berkeley, with all of its sustainability-minded environmentalists, would care about returning
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What to put in which recycling bin

Here at UC Berkeley, we care a lot about the environment (we have nine majors with the word “environment” in them), so it’s obvious that recycling would be a widespread practice on campus. However, recycling ain’t what it used to be, kids. The act of recycling waste can involve breaking apart
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California Legislature to consider statewide plastic bag ban

Following the footsteps of nearly 100 cities and counties — including Alameda County — who in recent years have implemented local bans on single-use plastic bags, California legislators announced in a press conference last week that they will consider a bill prohibiting the bags statewide.
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Drug disposal responsibility

The need for medication take back programs

When we turn on the tap, we hope to enjoy a clean glass of water. However, more and more prescription drugs, such as anti-anxiety or anti-seizure medications and even hormones, are being found in our drinking water. With no consistent and convenient method of disposal, residents either stockpile unwanted drugs
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