Raincoats vs. Umbrellas

These past couple of weeks, we at Berkeley have experienced far more than our fair share of rain. A simple walk in between classes involved getting completely soaked from head to toe. The widespread Berkeley campus can lead to some lengthy strolls, which can be quite tranquil in the sunshine,
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Kayla Baskevitch/Staff

5 things you didn’t miss about rain days

When you expect an advisory warning email from the Berkeley Police Department more than you expect rain, you know something’s wrong with the world. Even though the rain this weekend was good for the earth, there were definitely some things we at the Clog didn’t miss about the water. 1.
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How to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in class

You trudge into class when even the birds aren’t up, but your body’s on autopilot. You have your usual thermos of French-pressed coffee, but the caffeine refuses to kick in. You contemplated skipping class this morning, but the thought of wasted tuition got you out of bed. How can you
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To be wrapped in the warmth of Ocean Beach

We often dream of the exotic realms of the Sahara Desert or the architectural beauty of Milan, but forget the countless wonders that surround our beloved Bay Area. We don’t realize that just 25 miles away from the shore lies a marvel bordering the Pacific Ocean known as Ocean Beach. Public transportation allows
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What’s in the water?

In light of the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s recent announcement about potential changes to tap water color and taste, we at the Clog will certainly be investing in a Brita filter. But it might be easier — and cheaper — for us if the problem were stopped at the source. So, we thought about
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