Funniest fruits to eat like an apple during class

We’ve all been there. Sitting in class, suddenly getting ravenous, but having nothing to eat except the same boring old apple that’s been in our bag for days. And since we’ve been there too, we know how a single piece of fruit can totally make or break someone’s day. So,
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The most ridiculous stock photos

Stock photos are wonderful when you need a royalty-free photo for whatever purposes. Generally, they’re a bit corny, and there’s something slightly off about them, but they get the point across. But occasionally, when searching through the pages upon pages of available stock photos, you find a picture you have no
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Tom Dalzell, founder of

Quirky Berkeley: An Interview with Tom Dalzell

Tom Dalzell runs the blog “Quirky Berkeley,” which is an online attempt at cataloguing Berkeley’s cultural identity. His posts range from photos of front-yard dinosaur figurines to large-scale murals, all narrated with his own brand of enthusiastic quirk. Not only does Dalzell uncover these public exhibitions of Berkeley weirdness, but
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