The truth about Welcome Week

You step into your freshly decorated dorm room after a final goodbye brunch with the parents. You glance over at your new roommate as you settle into your suddenly overwhelming awareness that for quite possibly the very first time in your life, you are alone. You have nobody telling you
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What to do during Welcome Week

It might seem like every night of Welcome Week people are only heading to frats, another party or desperately trying to get into Kip’s with a fake ID. But, there’s so much more going on! If you want a calmer night or going out isn’t for you, consider one of these
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Back-to-school shopping guide

With the first week of classes quickly approaching, UC Berkeley students start to trickle back to campus in the hopes of adjusting to a new year at UC Berkeley. Moving in can be stressful: After all, forgetting your favorite crop top at home could tank your social status for an
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How to Welcome Week

The fall 2015 semester is right around the corner and although no one’s excited for Chem 3B or Math 1A to start, everyone’s excited for Welcome Week. After a summer away from our friends, a week of reconnecting, open frat parties and no class is just what everyone needs. For the
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Activities that will welcome you back to Berkeley

Welcome back to the beautiful Berkeley! Maybe you’re thrilled that the all-too-long month of break is over and that you can finally resume your normal life, or perhaps you’re dreading the idea of having to do work, having long forgotten what productivity looks like. No matter which camp you’re in, there
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Parents’ attitude at the root of student alcohol abuse

This year’s Welcome Week resulted in eight students being sent to the hospital within one night. Such serious consequences of student’s irresponsible behavior showcase the unfortunate state of drinking culture in America today. Although there have been various proposals recently for how to curb the rise in alcohol-related accidents, few
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Sleep, Study, Party: UC Berkeley Edition

We’ve all heard the warning. As college students, we’ve been told that we have to choose between sleeping, good grades and a social life. (If you haven’t, click here.) But we at the Daily Clog think Cal students are bright enough to juggle all three. We even made an infographic that’ll
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Fixing a drinking problem

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus community cannot let alcohol hospitalizations define our campus — we must find solutions and work together.

The eight hospital visits in one night prompted by extreme alcohol consumption during this year’s Welcome Week are a sobering reminder of the pervasive “binge-drinking” culture that affects college students nationwide. Six of the eight cases reported by UCPD between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. last Monday originated from university
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