What you should really take away from Welcome Week

It’s Welcome Week at Cal, and we at The Daily Clog know that this is a time of elation, reunion and intoxication. Welcome Week brings with it a host of memorable moments — and probably some that you won’t remember at all. But amid the hordes of wandering students and
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UC Berkeley guide to back to school

As summer comes to a close, the back-to-school jitters seem to be creeping in on all of us. Whether you’ll be coming to UC Berkeley for the very first time or for your last semester, we at The Daily Clog have some tips and secrets to get you into full
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How To Deal With An Obnoxious Freshman Admit

How to: deal with an obnoxious freshman admit

So some of your friends were recently accepted to Cal. Good for them, right? Except for the part when they won’t stop getting in your ear about it. They’ll probably be bragging to you about their scholarship winnings, how some professor personally called them to recruit them or how they’re
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In new semester, don’t forget to keep branching out

Our ability to thrive and interact is essential to our well-being at Berkeley

So it’s that time of year again when we are forced to get back into the Cal groove that basically and unfortunately consists only of repressing the desire for “just five more minutes.” A lot of us have been away for several weeks; we’ve reunited with old friends at the
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