Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer speaks at the meeting of the Berkeley division of the Academic Senate.

UC Berkeley Academic Senate discusses reports on UC governance

Diverging accounts of how to best improve and reform UC governance came up for debate at the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate meeting Wednesday afternoon. At the meeting, faculty members debated the merits of a minority and majority report submitted by the Senate Special Committee on University Governance and
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Chalkings announcing "Occupy Cal/Walkout" occurring November 9th have appeared all around campus.

Protest days at UC Berkeley rebranded ‘Occupy Cal’

The November protests planned in response to potential increases in tuition have been renamed Occupy Cal in reference to the wave of Occupy movements that have swiftly swept the nation. The goal of the protests, scheduled for Nov. 9 and 10, is to raise awareness of the possibility of tuition
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