Director of ‘Wiglum’ loves filmmaking in the Bay

It’s easy to grow blind to the beauty all around us. It happens quickly and quietly, without so much as two week’s notice, as the glorious cosmos slip through the cracks of our very fingers. “Wiglum,” a production created by UC Berkeley alumni and students, addresses just that. The short
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Siegel speaks: Moving out West with Wes

Looking back, the summer before college was probably one of the best of my life. I became closer to my friends than I ever thought was possible. I fell in love. I spent invaluable time with my family. And my lifelong dream had come true: I was moving to California.
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Top 10 films of the year

2014 saw a wide array of films hit the theaters from the thrilling “Gone Girl” to the tasteful, poignant and guffaw-inducing “Dear White People.” Here are the top picks as selected by the arts & entertainment department at The Daily Californian.
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