End of the semester bucketlist

As the semester is drawing to a close, the bucket list you made months ago when a 4.0 still seemed possible and a new workout regime seemed easy is still collecting dust next to forgotten bids and dreams underneath your bed. So, we at the Clog decided to come up with a
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Golden bears or golden ghosts?

The spirits have risen from behind Moses Hall, the monsters are crawling out of the basement of Sproul Hall and all of Nicholas Dirks’ dirty laundry is being slowly discovered in the secret tunnels underneath Wheeler Hall’s auditorium. Halloween is the time when all of our school’s hidden horrors come
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Just Dirks things

Have you ever found yourself building a trap door? Or spending nearly a million dollars on a fence? If so, you may be Nicholas Dirks. At the Clog, we decided to copy #justgirlythings and make a #justdirksthings version for us UC Berkeley-goers to relate to.
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