How to get out of your finals

The worst fortnight of the year has hit us yet again: dead week and finals. We’re all dreading the hours spent in Main Stacks poring over books (or sleeping on them) and really would rather not fill our brains with (debatably) useful knowledge. We’re anxious about our grades in each class
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Fruits and vegetables to buy this season

Contrary to popular belief, the average college student diet shouldn’t rely solely on frozen foods and booze. When you’ve decided it’s time to evolve from the nightly ramen splurges and drinking binges, step into the market and try buying these fruits and vegetables to expand your dietary horizons. This list
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Julia Bertolero_online

Leaf me alone

Devil in the Details

Every couple of weeks, I find myself in a great crisis of health that sends me running to the nearest Whole Foods where I order, against all principles of my customary diet, a salad. After some deep breathing to help cope with the fact that I just spent a whopping
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How to buy groceries like a real adult

Contrary to popular belief, a college student’s food pyramid shouldn’t consist only of instant ramen, coffee, dining hall food and booze. For those of you who just moved into your first apartment, it’s probably the first time you’ve had to prepare a meal for yourself and (gasp) buy your own groceries.
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Pretty Oat Bars

No-bake oat bars recipe

We love shopping at Whole Foods. We love walking down the aisles of organic kale chips and pondering exactly how nutritional yeast can constitute as “nacho cheese.” We love staring longingly at beautifully packaged glass bottles of milk through clear fridge doors. We love sneaking more sample snacks than is
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