Reading culture in London

Gillian Perry/Staff

Though I was really perceptive of the newspaper culture at first, I soon realized this practice extended into leisurely reading on all fronts of life. Everywhere I was — whether it be on the bus, the Underground, the Overground, taxis, parks or cafes ­— people were always reading.
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Quiz: What should you do if the Wi-Fi is down?

Don’t panic. I repeat, don’t panic. The Wi-Fi may be down, but all isn’t lost. We at the Clog know your pain (and appreciate the irony of the fact that you can’t take this quiz if the Wi-Fi is down). Find your ethernet cable and take some deep breaths, Bears. You can
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Professors: looking to connect just like us

On a campus where relevance is of the utmost importance, often times even our educators participate in the quest to be culturally adept. Though we attend the number one public university in the world, our professors are still mortal (with a few exceptions of course), and try to connect with
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Flying high, flying low

Now that it’s summer break, many of us will be traveling to cool places or returning home. If that’s the case you’ll probably be taking a flight to your destination. Anyone who’s flown on a plane before will be able to relate to these experiences.
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If AirBears were your summer fling

Over the summer, your relationship with AirBears was wonderful. It was as attentive as anyone could wish for —  it was like you were the only person in the world. But things got a little more complicated as soon as the semester started. With mo’ people came mo’ problems. From trouble in
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The eternal search for Wi-Fi

“But it’s a university,” my father groaned into the phone exasperatedly. “The Wi-Fi is supposed to be excellent!” On the other end of the line, I sighed. Over the course of the past two days, my father, the brilliant engi-nerd and my go-to tech support guy, had gotten multiple frantic
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Battery low

Why your battery only lasts for 5 seconds

You’re running down the sidewalk, and you’re 10 minutes late. You just need to shoot one more text to your soon-to-be ex-significant other explaining yourself — they’ll understand, right? But just as you hit that send button, your screen goes blank, you see that horrid shutdown symbol and your phone
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