Where do the Giants go from here?

While having a top-five pick at next year’s draft would be a nice consolation prize, San Francisco’s situation isn’t exactly the baseball version of the San Antonio Spurs drafting Tim Duncan: even if the Giants net the No. 1 pick, the team’s current core will be well into their thirties by the time he arrives to the show and the championship window will have effectively closed.
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New York City

New York City on screen

Although NYC is known for frequent celebrity sightings and run-ins, its landmarks and quaint locations are also often prominently featured in movies. Only after my six-week excursion did I realize that my sister and I actually visited a lot of places seen in movies. ‘Hitch’ I went to Columbia University
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"Suicide Squad" | Warner Bros. Grade: B-

‘Suicide Squad’ falls short of heroic DC comeback

Since “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been looking for their franchise starter to rival the yearly additions of well-oiled, if safe, comic book blockbusters from Marvel. Yet, both DC films underwhelmed with the critical and commercial populaces because of
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Alaina Getzenburg_online

New trailer hits hard

There is no doubt that the NFL has been under an incredible amount of heat in the past year. From the recent video of Cris Carter speaking to rookies to the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals to commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of Deflategate, it would be hard to find
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Will Smith’s ‘Focus’ lacks sharp script, is filled with predictable plot twists

Sometimes, gorgeous actors and exciting plot twists aren’t enough. Masked behind beautiful faces, amusing one-liners and intricate heists, “Focus” is exciting but ultimately becomes repetitive, mundane and, at times, offensive. For a film grounded in these elaborate twists and turns, “Focus” is surprisingly predictable — and forgettable.  Written and directed
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Don’t bet your bottom dollar on ‘Annie’ remake

It’s hard not to root for “Annie” — both the modern-day reproduction of the 1930s musical and Quvenzhane Wallis’ adorably amicable portrayal of the titular character. With that said, “Annie” is far too modernist for its own good, relying excessively on gaudy embellishments of current trending topics and making insufficient
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