Kanye West might be the new Shakespeare

Explaining Yeezus is as hard as explaining a Rothko painting. When the detractors inevitably ask, “What’s so great about Yeezus?,”  I’m at a sudden loss of words to easily express my adoration. At one point, you just have to viscerally feel its thunderous beauty. Usually, I expedite my defense by
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Shakespeare update wows in SF

There’s something automatically intriguing about a production of “The Merchant of Venice,” Shakespeare’s most controversial play. Yes, even for San Francisco.  Though the city rarely shies away from addressing contentious subjects, something about “Merchant” raises brows. San Francisco is progressive, certainly, but progressive stops where political correctness begins. Fortunately for
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Film ‘Anonymous’ succumbs to disaster

Director Roland Emmerich should be an expert in disaster movies by now. For over 10 years, he’s been the prophet of doom behind such apocalyptic hits as “Independence Day,” “The Day After Tomorrow” and that crowning homage to the end of times, “2012.” Only now, he’s moved away from future
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