Dress to oppress

How to Muslim for dummies

There are two lollipops on the ground: one neatly wrapped and one opened and covered with ants crawling all over it.
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Comfortable in my hairy skin

In nearly 100-degree weather, I opted to wear dark wash skinny jeans. It brought me straight back to those cringe-worthy days in the PE locker room when I had to put my tight pants back on despite being caressed by sweat. I almost vowed to myself that I would never
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Tunesday: When rap is nice to women

While we don’t expect artists such as the Ying Yang Twins or Nate Dogg to sing love ballads at weddings, their derogatory lyrics toward women tend to leave a bitter taste in our mouths. But not all rap songs objectify women — some of them are actually empowering. We’ve curated
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Dear Berkeley women: It’s time to lead the next revolution

This past spring, my youngest son finished his freshman year at Berkeley. Toward the end of the semester, he asked me to proofread his final anthropology paper. The professor had assigned a paper that required the students to conduct a mini ethnographic study of some aspect of college life. My son chose to examine fraternity parties.
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When feminism follows the money

Theoretical Titillation

So what happens when activists prioritize branding? They downplay the importance of policy for uncritical, often expensive, gatherings and capitalize on the grandiose rhetoric of “empowerment” and “human rights.”
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Cycling through barriers

Tales of Two Cities

On Monday night, I stood in Downtown San Francisco, staring at Violetta. My heart swelled with sadness over her broken state. All I wanted was to find out who did this to her and make that person pay. Violetta is the name of my violet bike (also, my gray backpack
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Miss America pageant misses the point

I’m writing this op-ed as a response to the deeply problematic Huffington Post blog post “Miss America and the Indian Beauty Myth,” by Asha Rangappa, an associate dean at Yale Law School. In the article, Rangappa situates herself in the recent discourse surrounding the choice of Nina Davuluri as Miss
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Feminist finds unlikely allies

Now, I’m not saying these guys are perfect. Far from it, in fact. I’m not even saying they’re feminists. That’s Ryan Gosling’s thing, and I wouldn’t dare try to steal any thunder from the demigod of male feminists. It would be idolatry and, I’d  have to answer to the high
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Women more generous than men … you go girls!

Are there gender differences in giving? If you ask a woman student next to you for some help on a test, will they give it to you? Do they give more to the homeless people on Telegraph? A recent study conducted by Berkeley economists suggests that yes, in those situations,
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Drawing the line

Sex on Tuesday

I don’t normally write about politics. But the fact that my reproductive choices and future in general are being decided on by distant politicians who only care about me for economic and political gain makes me feel disempowered. Is cutting women’s health care and rights a serious platform for politicians?
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