Cal women’s tennis future on display at Saint Mary’s

It’s often difficult to predict the trajectory of an athlete’s career just weeks into it. Are early wins a sign of future stardom? Can a scout truly envision one’s long-term success based on a small sample size? As evidenced in Michael Lewis’ bestseller “Moneyball,” it’s difficult to tell the difference
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Annie Goransson and the Bears advanced to the quarterfinals of NCAAs, but will need younger talent to step up as the Jana Juricova era comes to an end.

As Juricova era ends, Bears couldn’t get over the hump

This July marks five years since Jan Brogan, the winningest coach in Cal tennis history, handed the reins of the women’s tennis program to her former star, Amanda Augustus. Since the coaching change – the team’s first since 1978 – Augustus has piloted the team to five consecutive successful seasons,
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