For queen and country

June 21, 2002: I was a 7-year-old kid then, watching the quarterfinal between England and Brazil at the FIFA World Cup. The Three Lions had gone up thanks to a Michael Owen goal but the Brazilians equalized through Rivaldo. England had been dominating the match, and then it happened. I
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How college sports drag us down

Two Steps Forward

“Sports” are evil. They’re evil for making corporate tools out of extremely talented people. They’re evil for perpetuating the useless, stagnant habits of overconsumption and laziness. They’re evil for turning universities’ athletic directors into groveling ad addicts. But most of all, they’re evil for taking the beautiful facet of human experience that is athleticism, turning it into a whorehouse for rich advertisers to take their pick of the choicest bodies. You don’t have to support this corruption.
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cal quidditch

Help Cal Quidditch get to the World Cup

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon on Memorial Glade. Hula-hoop-like discs are propped on slender posts. Dodgeballs and volleyballs fly through the air. And a group of enthusiastic UC Berkeley students are running around with blue and gold duct-taped broomsticks between their legs. And who are these students? The Cal Quidditch
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With the 46-20 win over UBC on Sunday, the Cal rugby team has now won its 13th World Cup in the past 16 years.

Cal routs Thunderbirds to claim sixth straight World Cup

The Cal rugby team finally lived up to its name. Following an up and down start to the 2012 campaign, the Bears tallied a signature win over British Columbia in Vancouver on Sunday, taking the match 46-20 to win their sixth consecutive World Cup. “This is the performance that we’re
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Bears to finally be tested as they host World Cup

The Cal rugby team has cruised to a 9-0 record in 2012, outscoring its opponents 650-23 in matches that were pretty much decided before they even began. But the Bears are about to face one of their toughest tests of the last couple years, putting their 62-game winning streak on
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