Personal essay: To infinite jest and friendship

He wrote to me, “I’ve figured out your eyes. The colour is like cold snow melting from the weight of the blue sky and piercing through clustered grey clouds.” My gaze moved from the letter to the window, and my mind fell into a memory-induced trance. I wiped the fog
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How to travel for (basically) free

It’s 2 p.m., and you’ve just arrived at the airport for your 4 p.m. domestic flight: plenty of time to check in, pay for your overpriced airport sandwich and buck up for your exciting vacation, right? Keep dreaming. Despite the existence of customer-service offices, which evidence the average traveler’s low-key infuriation
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A still from Stanley Kubrick's Lolita

Weekender Picks

The Berkeley World Music Festival is this weekend. On Saturday stop by cafe venues along Telegraph Avenue and hear music in People’s Park. On Sunday Telegraph Avenue between Dwight Way and Durant Avenue will turn into a street festival and beer garden. Both days are free! —Anya Schultz   Stanley
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