Bleeding onto the page

Cutting Room Floor

In my bookcase are stacked eight notebooks. Most — on account of excessive love and handling — are falling apart at the bookbinder’s seams, shedding pages like a molting bird losing its feathers. One is severely waterlogged: I lost an entire week of life when a sudden rainstorm rolled over
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Caroline Lee_ZainabAli

Reading, rekindled

Cutting Room Floor

As a child, my nose was always in a book. My passion for reading was unparalleled. It allowed me to escape into another realm, where I could indulge in a world so alien from mine that I felt adrenalized just turning the crisp pages of a new book. It sparked
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Omil Xia/Staff

Clog-approved NaNoWriMo ideas

As UC Berkeley students, we’re all contractually obligated to overload ourselves with responsibilities to the point where we’re less human than we’re shivering, weeping lumps of cortisol. (Sorry, but we did tell you to read the fine print on the SIR.) In order to expedite the process by which we
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graffiti 9

Clog’s favorite bathroom graffiti, thematically

UC Berkeley is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. Here within its hallowed halls, where many a Nobel laureate has sat to relieve themselves, lie bathroom stalls laden with golden graffiti — the musings of those seated on the porcelain throne. Here are Clog’s favorite bathroom messages in
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Picks of the Week

Four years after their first full-length album release, Awolnation will release their second album, Run, this Tuesday, March 17, through Red Bull Records. Three singles from the album have already dropped causing high anticipation for the remaining 11 tracks. The band can only hope that this album will be as
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Clog reveals: How to make your essays longer

After a long caffeine-fueled evening that has stretched into the wee hours of the morning, you’ve finally written the conclusion of your essay. All the loose ends are tied up and you’ve explained everything you could. But wait. Your essay you’ve so “carefully” crafted in one night is not the
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For Happiness, Keep a Gratitude Journal

When I was a fifth-grader, I overheard some kid in my French class say that I was one of the most pessimistic people he knew. Not really a compliment for a person of any age. But I guess his assessment was, in many ways, true. My chosen reaction — and
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Notes from my journal: Seasons of Selfhood

When I was about 8 years old, I realized I sucked at writing and promptly abandoned my dream of becoming a poet. But for someone who perpetually promises to never write down any of her stupid thoughts, I sure have a lot of pocket-sized notebooks.
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Stacey's grandfather, age 50, at a zoo in Saigon

How I became a Nhà Viết Văn

When I was a little girl, about 8 or 9, I stumbled across a yellowed, pocketbook version of L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables,” a story about a spirited, redheaded orphan. I fell in love with Anne Shirley, whose good intentions and misadventures charmed me. Her romantic and poetic voice
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