Yik Yak found poem

How many times have you read something on Yik Yak and burst out laughing? How many times has a Yak reminded you of your own embarrassing moment? Why not take all these random, hilarious bits and create a found poem? If you don’t know what a found poem is, check
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UC Berkeley pilots data science class

The new four-unit course, “Foundations of Data Science” — cross-listed as Statistics 94 and Computer Science 94 — combines introductory statistics and computational concepts with hands-on work involving hard data that brings “real-world relevance,” according to the program’s website.
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Taco Bell Cheesy Double Decker 2

An ode to Taco Bell delivery

Taco Bell’s announcement that it will be providing delivery services is momentous news. Because the closest Taco Bell is nearly 2 miles from UC Berkeley, it was previously nearly impossible to get your Crunchwrap Supreme on after a night out. Taco Bell delivery will change the late-night snack plans of hardworking students
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Tips for prospective students on Cal Day

As a newly admitted high school senior visiting UC Berkeley, you are bound to make many newbie mistakes (as we all have). Here are some tips on how to do your first trip to your future home the right way! 1. Download YikYak to peruse the inner consciousnesses of UC Berkeley students. 2. Wear comfortable shoes,
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What I wish I knew when coming to UC Berkeley

On Jan. 18, I stepped off a bus and found myself in uncharted territory. I had heard a lot about where I was going — both good and bad things — and read a fair amount, too. As I got closer, I thought I was ready for what sure to be a momentous occasion. But nothing could have really prepared me for my first visit to Target.
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How to successfully yak at UC Berkeley

We the Clog are nothing if not at least somewhat funny and relatable. Just like Yik Yak, we strive to achieve reader engagement through these two qualities, but with on-point grammar and structured syntax, of course. As patrons of witty humor with well-developed knowledge on understanding people, we might just
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But you’re an English major!

I received a text from a friend a few days ago that read, “IVE STARTED SAYING PLEATHE….. U HAVE RUINED ME.” A self-satisfied cackle escaped my mouth as I typed back immediately, “PLEATHE omg my child :’) this is my tru legacy.” Pleathe, a word that I once used sparingly
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