TV Land: I believe in fandom

Lester Butterfill was in the bathroom for the second time that day. This was not uncommon, for Lester dearly loves the porcelain thrones of the restroom. Occasionally, he would sit on one to relax or to take a load off (in the figurative and literal sense). But this time was
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YouTube pickup artists coming to UC Berkeley generate controversy

The announcement that a group of self-proclaimed pickup artists will be performing live at UC Berkeley has generated controversy among concerned students and staff, who have expressed anger and disgust at what they perceive as the group’s message. The group “Simple Pickup” intends to hold its first live performance on
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New UCTV channel to premiere on YouTube

UCTV Prime, the University of California Television’s new YouTube original series, is set to premiere this March in what will be the website’s first production partnership with a university. The series will launch March 1, and will become the first university channel to receive a grant from YouTube, according to UCTV
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TV Land: Something completely different

The late ’90s were trying times for all of us. It was clear the apocalypse was near as Y2K was imminent, the first “Star Wars” prequel was released and some sadistic son of a bitch decided bleached tips were an attractive quality for pre-adolescent boys. For better or worse, Lance
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YouTube video Brandweer Nederweert

Political PR: the good, the bad, the viral

Endorsement videos for presidential candidates and even city officials are taking a strange turn — not only are they going viral on the Internet but they seem to be produced for the sole purpose of going viral. There are YouTube sensations born out of happenstance and there are those that
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Research reconstructs brain activity

Scientists could recreate dreams and memories with new brain imaging technology developed by UC Berkeley researchers. With the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging, activities created by the brain from watching YouTube videos were reconstructed, allowing scientists to view the images that the brain observed. The research was published Sept.
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