Bernie Sanders speaks at a press conference on campus June 3. On Dec. 2, Sanders spoke at Zellerbach Hall while promoting his new book, "Our Revolution."

Local independent bookstores bring Sen. Bernie Sanders to Zellerbach Hall

Sanders spoke about his new book, “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” in a lecture that was part motivational speech and part office hours. Two independent bookstores, Mrs. Dalloway’s of Berkeley and Diesel, A Bookstore of Oakland, had both been interested in having Sanders come to speak about his book, and decided to reach out to the book’s publisher together.
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A homecoming for students

The first few weeks of the semester have quickly gone by, with students getting settled in their new homes and new classes. Freshmen and transfer students have begun to find their groups of friends. Older students remember the best places to eat, study and party around campus, enjoying the full college experience.
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Alvin Ailey_Christopher Duggan_courtesy

Alvin Ailey company astounds in Cal Performances residency

While one may wait for the 11th-hour number during a stage musical or a band’s biggest hit during encore, audience members at an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performance await the finale: “Revelations,” the company’s soulful masterpiece that has been gracing stages and changing lives since 1960. Though overshadowed by
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‘Serial’ creators speak at Zellerbach Hall

Dare it be said: Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder may just be the modern Woodward and Bernstein. They’ve re-kindled the popular romance with journalism, and everyone is talking about it. Instead of taking down a presidency, their investigations range from a high school murder trial to the war in Afghanistan.
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