Emanuel Ax Photographer: J. Henry Fair

Polish pianist Emanuel Ax awes at Zellerbach

As soon as Emanuel Ax stepped onto the Zellerbach Hall stage, the anxiously chattering crowd quieted down, took their seats and burst into boisterous applause. The concert hall was filled to the brim for the world-renowned Polish pianist on Nov. 13, a testament to the artist’s acclaim. Even before the
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‘Einstein on the Beach’ mesmerizes Zellerbach

Writing a review of “Einstein on the Beach” is a  profound challenge. The opera is hailed as one of the crowning artistic achievements of the 20th century and remains among the most important contributors to modern performance culture. And yet, despite the glitz and glamor surrounding the opera, the endless
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‘Swan Lake’ enchants at Zellerbach

The ballet “Swan Lake” begins with a solitary violin sequence, soaring briefly before crashing into the swell of the orchestra. With this short passage played to spine-tingling perfection, the atmosphere inside Zellerbach Hall, already buzzing from the mere presence of the illustrious Mariinsky Theater (ballet and orchestra), instantly turned spellbinding.
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David Sedaris charms listeners with dark humor

Last Thursday night, David Sedaris talked pretty all over Berkeley. He started in the Berkeley Art Museum at a fundraiser-turned-cocktail party for the California College of the Arts, where the writer met with Stephen Beal —  president of CCA and Sedaris’ former art professor at School of the Art Institute
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Lower Sproul

Best of Berkeley: Best of the City

Best Place to People Watch: Sproul Plaza There is nothing like lying on the grass by Sproul Plaza when it’s a sunny day, sipping some Jamba and watching that guy in the shades juggling, while off in the near distance you can hear Yoshua yell, “Kinder, your days are numbered.”
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Zakir Hussain tells stories through classical Indian music

The fat underneath their chins sways, their heads wobble and bobble, their hands flit faster than hummingbird wings — these are men in a trance. They speak to each other without opening their mouths, but with looks and nods, with the subtle variations of the tones of their instruments. They
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Savage Heart Murmurs

To party or not to party? That is the question, I ask myself while waiting for my quasi-date on the steps of Zellerbach to watch friends wax poetic in “Perspectives.” Over Zellerbach’s whispers, the Bear’s Lair blares hyphy Lil Jon’s “Get Outta Your Mind.” It’s Friday night, and nothing else
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Cal Perfs Dance

Stories narrated through dance at Zellerbach Hall

Introducing last Friday evening’s showing of “Story/Time,” presented by Cal Performances, Bill T. Jones strode to the center of Zellerbach stage, pausing. He made a simple request of the audience. “I would like you to do a little warm-up with me … a conceptual warm-up,” Jones began, asking the audience
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