Alleged strong arm attempted robbery occurs in South Berkeley

A strong arm attempted robbery occurred in South Berkeley Monday night, according to a UCPD crime alert.

At about 10:44 p.m. Monday night, a male victim was walking eastbound on Derby Street when he noticed three male suspects walking toward him and covered their heads with dark hooded sweatshirts, the alert states.

According to the alert, the victim believed he was going to be robbed and decided to run away when a fourth suspect rode toward him on a bicycle, as the three initial suspects caught up to the victim and the suspect on the bicycle.

One suspect allegedly simulated having a gun in his jacket while all of the suspects allegedly knocked the victim down and demanded his possessions. A resident came out of a nearby house and told the suspects he would call the police and the suspects fled westbound on Derby Street, according to the alert.

Though the victim did not have any of his possessions stolen, he complained of pain but did not wish any medical assessment, the alert states.

The suspects are described as four males, 18 to 20 years of age wearing dark hooded sweatshirts.

Allie Bidwell is the news editor.