How to Keep Power … and Keep It in Your Pants

Naturally, people have plenty to say about former Gov. Schwarzenegger’s love child and his subsequent pending divorce. Men in politics are pigs, right? Well, not exactly, if Daniel Mulhern has anything to say about it. Professor at both Boalt Law and Haas School of Business, Mr. Mulhern has also authored a column at the Daily Beast giving his two cents on what makes men in power cheat — and what they can do to avoid ruining their lives.

Some highlights:

– “Get a new definition of strength. Hint: it’s not in our pants.”

– “We teach best what we most need to learn. Unfortunately, we don’t have a coherent message right now. So we need to invent it. It’s not some old-fashioned Puritanical-Catholic ‘hairy palms if you masturbate’ pablum; but neither is it: ‘I cheat on your mom, and you’ll cheat on your wife. Just don’t get caught.’

– It’s pitiful when ‘strong’ men like Arnold exploit poor, young, or weak women. It’s arguably worse when men circle the wagons, e.g., on male blogs full of men saying ‘it takes two to tango.’

– ” … [I]t’s hard to talk about emotional/sexual needs; hard to realize that you’re even missing something; hard to humble yourself to ask for something. But if she doesn’t know what you want, how is she expected to give you what you need?”

And finally, as the husband of a former Michigan governor, Mulhern concludes:

– “If we don’t start to talk to each other more maturely about this topic, then maybe my wife really was right when she tweeted: maybe we need more female governors!”


Image Source: schumachergirl1956 under Creative Commons
8 Tips for Men in Power — and in Lust [Daily Beast]

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