Berlin university students consider sex work

legsWould you consider sex work to pay for school? That was the question Berlin Studies Centre researchers posed to 3,200 Berlin university students in an investigation into one oft-mentioned but little understood local situation: Student prostitution.

One in three said they’d consider sex work, while four percent had already done some form of it. Thirty percent of these students were in debt.

The study’s authors were concerned about the negative effect recent educational reforms, which condensed five-year bachelor programs into the three-year/two-year bachelor/master sequence of the rest of Europe, had on students’ ability to make ends meet while in school. (Condensed program = more intensity = less free time = less time to work = less money = more debt = students resorting to sex work?)

All of which makes us wonder: What are students here forced to do in light of recent tuition fee hikes just to stay in school?

Image source: Renato under Creative Commons
Third of Berlin university students consider sex work [Reuters]