Chiddy Bang’s “Peanut Butter and Swelly” goes well with both milk and headphones


The new Chiddy Bang mix tape came out last week and not only is it free, but it bumps hard in the ears. The duo of rapper Chiddy and drummer/DJ Xaphoon Jones are back with yet another rap-rockin’ mix tape. The duo broke out with their MGMT sampled track “Opposite of Adults” and have been steadily gaining fame with hit singles, college tours and a spot on a recent Taco Bell commercial.

The new mix tape is everything you’d expect from the Philly pair. Some of the highlights include the opener “Cameras,” which uses an 8-bit video game style sample from the Matt and Kim song of the same name. “The Whistle Song” lays down a funky guitar riff with Xaphoon’s drums backing Chiddy’s flow, while “Guinness Flow” goes down just as smoothly as the Irish beer. The freestyle “I Can’t Stop” shows off the rhyming talent that got Chiddy a world record back in April for longest freestyle (9 hours plus!). The two minute track also has one of the heaviest, distorted beats Xaphoon has made, mixing in with Chiddy’s raps to create booming, bass-heavy  freestyle verses.

The mix tape can be downloaded here. As the duo says on their Facebook, “long live free music!”

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