Aug. 30th release date anounced for new Tom Morello album

Folks, it’s that time again. Ready your Molotov cocktails, megaphones and other protest gear because Tom Morello’s folk alter ego, the Nightwatchman, has announced August 30th as the release date for his next album, World Wide Rebel Songs.

The musically-inclined activist has been busy lately with a multitude of other projects. His  main focus has been his ghetto-funk driven jams with Oakland’s Boots Riley in Street Sweeper Social Club, with Rage Against the Machine still doing the occasional touring. With all these projects happening at once, in addition to his recent protests in favor of labor unions, the Nightwatchman has been on constant call.

Although Nightwatchman fans may be used to acoustic jams, World Wide Rebel Songs will feature the fully-electric Freedom Fighters Orchestra, in addition to Morello juggling between acoustic and electric guitar duties. On his website, Morello described his intentions on this new album: “I wanted to capture a vibe midway between Johnny Cash and Che Guevera, murder ballads and Molotov anthems.” Morello’s return to his electric roots will hopefully bring a shrill edge to his rally-inducing anthems.

If you can’t wait until August, check out his recent digitally-released EP Union Town. The covers of classic protest songs and three original tracks should be able to tide fans over until the Nightwatchman makes his radical return.

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