Foster the People create tribal synth jam at Amoeba Records in SF

Yesterday, Bay Area residents flocked to San Francisco’s famous Haight-Ashbury to witness Foster the People play a short yet ecstatic performance at Amoeba Records. The SoCal trio became a five-piece onstage as they ripped through seven tracks, most of which came from their recently released album Torches.

Playing tracks ranging from the tribal-beat driven “Warrant” to their charming yet darkly written single “Pumped Up Kicks,” Foster the People pandered to the crowd with a seemingly unlimited amount of energy and spunk. Mark Foster’s infectious cartoon-like vocals blended smoothly with the animated keyboard and synth grooves played by various members of the band, complimenting touring member Sean Cimino’s chorus-rich guitar riffs. Bass player Cubbie Fink never dropped a smile from his face as he slapped out bass lines and backing vocals while Mark Pontius furiously beat out a steady rhythm on drums.

While each member brought their own upbeat demeanor to the set, touring member Isom Innis stole the show with his energetic flare. Innis bounced from smashing out jungle-march rounds on percussion to rockin’ out with his dials and keys on synth. Maybe it was the fact that he appeared more sweat-soaked than the others, but Innis’ frantic antics onstage were quite a spectacle that added even more liveliness to the already high-spirited group.

After a lengthy signing with fans, the group departed to continue their sprightly tour. If you’re mad that you missed Foster the People, the group will be back in August for the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in SF’s Golden Gate Park. Until then, rage on electropop-hipsters, rage on!