Recently Banned: Rainbows in Ontario, Male Lingerie Salesmen

In an uncharasteristically un-Canadian act of cupcake-hating— erm, we mean, homophobia, one Ontario Catholic school banned all depictions of rainbows on campus when students of their unofficial gay-straight alliance attempted to hold a fundraiser with signs and banners displaying them. In response, the students took down the signs and baked rainbows into their cupcakes instead, raising $200 in sales.

But the students couldn’t donate the money to any gay, lesbian or trans charitable organization, such as the LGBT Youth Line. “We asked if we could donate to the money to the Youth Line and the board said no. We were told to donate to Covenant House, a Catholic homeless shelter.”

You just know there’s something wrong with the world when rainbows have to be hidden away (even as amazing as those cupcakes are).

Another recent ban of note: The Saudi king has banned all male lingerie salespeople, which 1) makes Saudi women very happy and 2) creates 6,000 new jobs for them. Saudi women have complained in the past about embarrassment at sharing their measurements with lingerie salesmen and the campaign “Enough Embarrassment” sought to enact just the ban King Abdullah has proclaimed.

Image source: nerve

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