New image of Sacha Baron Cohen in his latest feature “The Dictator”

That’s right. Just because he ran out of characters on “Da Ali G Show” doesn’t mean he’s out of zany, shock-inducing ideas. The ridiculous antics of Sacha Baron Cohen will return for his new movie, “The Dictator.”

Poking fun at recent foreign affairs, the mockumentary-star now tells the tale of a dictator who wants nothing more than to keep democracy out of his country. He wants to keep his country under a loving oppression, and will stop at nothing to keep it that way.

Look to the right for a small preview –>

With Ben Kingsley also starring — willingly, oddly enough — alongside Cohen, this latest film should be — err — intriguing to say the least. To be released May 11th, 2012, “The Dictator” will most likely be under plenty of opposition from political persons in addition to those who regularly oppose Cohen’s films. This should be interesting…


Image Courtesy: Huffington Post