New supergroup from Jane’s Addiction, Mars Volta, Mastadon and Dillinger Escape Plan


Before anyone else gets to say it, yes, supergroups are not always a favorite trend among music fans. However, sometimes decent if not shockingly kick-ass bands— like a little group called Them Crooked Vultures — can sometimes come out of these collaborations.

Recently, Mastadon guitarist Brent Hinds announced that he has been working on a project involving former Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery, Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen and Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman. This supergroup may not be recording anything for awhile though, as Pridgen will be touring with Mars Volta supporting Soungarden, and Hinds is already working on other side projects in addition to a Mastadon record.

While the group remains nameless for now, Hinds has said that he is fond of the name, “Giraffe Tongue.” Mmmm sexy, no? While the members will hopefully find some time to record in the near future, fans should keep an eye (and apparently some taste buds) out for updates on what appears to be a promising rock alliance.

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