Editors’ Note

Jeffrey Joh/File
Squirrels are almost always seen bravely venturing around the Berkeley campus.

Berkeley — a relatively quiet college town turned inside-out when occupied by thousands of students during the school year, but a no-man’s-land when it comes time for the summer season.

The city is usually only explored by the brave ones who venture to campus ready for summer session classes or to embark on the journey that is college orientation. But for those intrepid adventurers searching for the best the summer has to offer, look no further than this field guide to Berkeley.

With this guide in your capable hands, this place is yours for the taking — go, see and conquer in that order. The next few pages will show you how to get into the wild so you can spend more time hiking around Tilden Park and getting hooked on the scenery at Indian Rock and less time sprawled across the couch and losing brain cells staring at your computer screen.

So sally forth, bold reader, and climb heights, plumb depths and bushwhack through the Berkeley summer with confidence. Explore the city that has been hiding right before your eyes with a fresh perspective. You’ve survived the pitfalls of the school year, so the summer should be an absolute breeze.