Summer Housing

Where can you call home this summer?

There are always those who choose to remain in Berkeley over the summer, whether they take classes, apply to internships, or just enjoy the city. Luckily Berkeley offers plenty of summer housing options to choose from for students who decide to remain.

Plenty of subletting openings are available to people willing to hunt around. Ads seeking summer tenants frequently circulate apartment-rental sites like Craigslist and even Facebook. University-offered housing at the Unit 2 Residence Halls or the International House is another option,but comes at a high cost. All residents need to be enrolled in summer sessions as well and pay according to the session they take and whether the room is a single, double or triple.

One could also explore the Berkeley Student Cooperative. Newcomers can choose from either apartments — like Fenwick Weavers’ Village — or houses like Lothlorien. Living there grants residents points that bump them up waiting lists during the fall and spring.

Some fraternities and sororities, such as Delta Upsilon and Alpha Tau Omega, rent out rooms over the summer, but prices and policies vary for each one. Hopeful tenants can look at individual houses’ web sites to see whether they provide summer housing.